Golfers have some odd superstitions

Golf has sometimes been defined as talent, skill and practice -- waiting for a little bit of luck!

Many people believe that luck can be influenced by certain types of behavior.

The game of golf like many other sports has its fair share of "quirky" rituals and strange superstitions.

Superstitions can come in the form of the clothes that you wear, the ball that you play with, or even the coins that you mark your ball with.

Tiger Woods always wears a red shirt during his final round of a tournament. This ritual came from his mother who believes that the color red represents power.

Ernie Els believes that every golf ball only has one birdie in it, which is why he always changes his ball after making a birdie putt.

Fred Funk always flips a coin before marking his ball on the green. If his coin lands on tails, then he marks his ball with the tail facing up in a normal fashion. If it comes up heads, he'll turn the coin to make sure the head is facing the hole.

If the head lands facing backwards, then he feels that he will three putt the hole!

Some of the more common superstitions in golf involve the equipment that you use when you play.

For example, if you take a club out of your golf bag, it would be bad luck to change your mind and select a different club.

Many golfers have a "lucky" club in their bag that they feel they can hit confidently and consistently. These clubs are probably more about familiarity than they are about luck.

Some golfers will only use white tees, while others think that white tees are bad luck as they too much resemble out-of-bound stakes!

Golf balls are also the object of many a golfer's superstition. Many golfers feel that it would be bad luck to introduce a new ball halfway through a round of golf. Some players will not use balls with numbers over 4; they believe that larger numbers lead to larger scores, while others prefer golf balls with either a 3 or a 1.

A number three ball will improve your chances of a birdie, while a one ball while improve your chances of an ace! Some players will even make it a point to aim the number on the ball at the hole before they hit it.

To not aim the number would mean that their ball would most likely not find its target.

Golf ball marking has also been taken to new heights. Dots, initials, happy faces and even lines and stars are common markings used by many players.

Heaven forbid that the outcome of your game will be affected by a permanent marker pen!

Some golfers believe that starting a round before noon will bring them the most luck, while others have said that "he, who wins the first hole, wins the round."

I personally don't have too many superstitions when it comes to golf. I do prefer not to touch the ground with my club when I swing my driver, as I believe this helps me to hit better and longer drives.

I always look at the hole twice before I putt and I always walk into a sand trap from behind the ball and never from in front of it.

Stewart Cink, an experienced player on the PGA tour was once asked if he had any superstitions in golf.

He replied, "I like to avoid superstitions as all they do is bring me bad luck!"

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