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Wi-Fi OK for elementary schools: report


COLLINGWOOD -- A new report commissioned by the Simcoe County District School Board indicates there is no problem with the Wi-Fi systems at two Collingwood schools.

Trustee Caroline Smith told the Enterprise-Bulletin the report was presented at last week's Business & Facilities meeting.

"An evaluation of radio frequency (RF) and microwaves levels at Mountain View Public School and Collingwood Collegiate Institute (CCI) was conducted by Dr. Tony Muc & Radiation and Health Consulting," she said.

Smith said the report updated the board on the Wi-Fi safety debates that have been ongoing for months now. "

"There has been a great deal of talk and opinion around the subject of Wi- Fi," said Smith. "This report (attached) helps clarify that the levels of RF within SCDSB schools are safe. Muc's report scientifically measures the RF levels within two schools within the SCDSB."

Board Superintendent John Dance also said he was satisfied with the report.

"He was doing a thorough study of the emissions, for want of a better word," he said. "We're satisfied with the results that support what we have been told all along that the transmissions are safe."

"We're not planning changes in our direction," said Dance.

Muc's conclusions state "the RF and microwave electromagnetic field levels in a representative sample of areas normally accessed by students at both MES and CCI are a factor of least 25 below the exposure limits specified in Health Canada Safety Code 5. All the observed levels are far below exposure limits currently established or proposed by the major international or national agencies or organizations for public (including children) or occupational exposures."

Smith said she was satisfied with the report.

"They've done their research and it shows that the RF levels are at very safe levels, well under the guidelines."

Rodney Palmer, one of the chief activists leading the charge against the use of Wi-Fi, was hardly convinced by the news, even though he hasn't seen the report.

"We already know that Health Canada's standards aren't safe," he said. "The board is relying on false statements that have no scientific basis."

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