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Searching for things that go bump in the night

Nina Lex

A team of paranormal inspectors are on the hunt for a haunted home in Collingwood to be featured on a television series.

Paranormal Home Inspectors is a new series that follows experts investigating bizarre happenings in 'normal' homes in Ontario.

Area resident, Michelle McKay is the lead paranormal researcher on the show.

McKay moved to the Collingwood area seven years ago. She has been investigating and researching paranormal activities and conducting private investigations across Ontario for more than 10 years.

"We would like to put a house in Collingwood on the show. That would be very interesting because I live in this area," said McKay. "There are so many reports coming out of Collingwood, the whole area has kept me very busy."

Cold Spot, the paranormal investigation team founded by McKay in 2002, has investigated cases at the Beild House in Collingwood and the Thornbury Manor.

"There are definitely a lot of hauntings in Collingwood that the locals have been telling me about," said McKay. "I think its because of the history of Collingwood, especially along the main street, in the old buildings on Hurontario.

"I'm getting a lot of stories from people who live there."

The Cold Spot team has turned up evidence of 'ghosts' in homes, include flickering lights, faucets turning on by themselves, doors slamming and locking on their own, and voices being heard.

"Sometimes we see it. Sometimes we hear it. It all depends on how the ghost is manifesting. Most of the time you don't see anything," said McKay.

The team uses everything from hammers and flashlights to ultrasonic meters, infrared video, motion sensors and psychic abilities.

"We try to catch evidence of it, on video and audio recorders," said McKay.

When a ghost is found McKay doesn't do a 'clearing or exorcism'.

"You can't always get rid of a ghost. If a ghost doesn't want to leave it's not going to leave," said McKay.

On Paranormal Home Inspectors, McKay works with psychic Nadine Mercey and certified home inspector Brian Daley to differentiate structural defects from spiritual manifestations.

Currently the show is casting homes and will continue shooting until July. Paranormal Home Inspectors will premiere August 16th on the Investigation Discovery channel.

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