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Former mayors present 800-name petition supporting Admiral Collingwood

COLLINGWOOD - It may not be the so-called 'silent majority' in the community, but it's still a pretty big number.

Prior to council's decision Monday night to approve amendments to the heritage district plan to allow Admiral Collingwood Place and Admiral Village to go ahead, they were presented with a 800-name petition calling on council to get on with the project.

The petition was presented by former mayors Ron Emo and Terry Geddes; the former spoke at a rally supporting Admiral Collingwood Place nearly two weeks ago at the Royal Canadian Legion.

More than 350 turned out to that event.

Emo noted that 'heritage' is an "elusive term... the streetscape is constantly in flux."

The issue of Admiral Collingwood Place was determined in the municipal election of 2010, added Emo, and voters "spoke with a clear voice as to what they wanted to see happen" with the property."

The organizers of the petition - who also organized last weekend's rally in support of the project - collected 800 names in the week-and-a-half since the rally, along with the 400-plus signatures of people who signed it that day.

The petition was given to council by former mayors Ron Emo and Terry Geddes.

"We need for you to lead this community now... to get this back on track," said Geddes, who was the head of council when the original six-storey proposal for Admiral Collingwood Place was approved.

Geddes noted that in 50-to-60 years, residents "will look at this building as a building that just exists.

"There is a need for you to lead the community now, to get this project back on track," Geddes told council, adding it could also act as a "catalyst" for improvements to Hume Street.

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