Autumn has arrived

 Kent Walton

I know that officially autumn doesn't arrive until the twenty first of the month but I was brought up to think that the fall season began the day after Labour Day. My mother drilled it into us that the day following the last long weekend of summer certain things were to happen. The main change being that no one should wear white clothing after Labour Day. I used to think that it was her household rule but as I grew older I realized my mother was not alone.

The tradition of no white clothing has continued in our household until this day. It doesn't matter if the temperature is in the upper thirties with the skies clear and blue. No whites allowed! Not my idea but Judy's mom had drilled the same idea into her family as well. I try to ignore the rule but I feel guilty if I give in to the whites.

Apparently the tradition goes back to the 1800's when the upper echelon of society returned from their summer homes and went back to city life. That meant giving up their summer clothing in exchange for the city lifestyles and fashion. Maybe our mothers thought we were part of that upper part of society. I hardly think so! We grew up in an industrial blue collar area and white clothing seldom went well with the factory soot in our neighbourhood. No matter, that's the way it was and that's the way it remains.

Following Labour Day the pace of life picks up, in a hurry. I can't believe our calendar has filled up to the point of me wanting to take a holiday to rest up for all the events forthcoming.

Already we have attended a fortieth wedding anniversary in Port Hope which lead to a shower for a cousin the same weekend and was a reminder of the wedding in Ottawa during October.

Then locally there are so many events I don't know where to start. We have already done the Gloey Golf for Hospice Georgian Triangle. Upcoming are church fundraisers as well as benefits for the G&M Hospital along with Hospice and of course the Walk in Her Shoes for My Friends' Place. As much as I enjoy those red shoes I don't think my aging knees will allow me in this year.

When I was arranging fundraisers in the past, September and October were real challenges. Trying to arrange a major benefit without clashing with someone else's efforts caused me more grief than the event itself. Everyone fundraises in the autumn!

Just last week two golf tournaments took place on the same day! One had to pick and choose and in the end one charity loses out because of the conflict. It gets overcrowded on the charity scene!

With so many fundraisers my cheque book shrinks rapidly!

Meanwhile, there are all kinds of art activities, museum openings, photo displays along with apple picking and touring the back roads as the colours change.

Just ahead we have Stratford for two shows and a train ride to see the fall colours coming up this month!

Anyway you get the idea! No matter, this is my favourite time of year and certainly our busiest. Christmas should be a walk in the park!

Meanwhile don't stand still or you will be swept up into a hub of activity that you didn't see coming.

I'm not complaining. It's wonderful that we live in such an active and vibrant community with so many ways to share our time, talent and dollars. Enjoy it, winter is coming!

Shooting darts at the calendar to determine our autumn activities,

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