What you can't see can help you

By JT McVeigh, The Enterprise-Bulletin

Sometimes even if you can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it is not there.

When Collingwood Chiropractor Mark Metus sees patients coming into his office, a lot of the time he is adjusting the same joints, the same faults, whether from new injuries or old.

And he thought there had to be a better way.

Years before, he had seen devices on the market that made all sorts of claims, either through magnetics or, in some cases, nothing at all.

Through what he said was “lots of prayer, contemplation and a lot of research,” he came up with a device he calls Neuro Connect that brought together his work and that of a team of physicists and the University of Oregon.

Between them, they came up with a devices that contain a metallic component that has been infused with a subtle energy pattern. The energy induces a response that results in the central nervous system optimizing muscle and joint function.

The devices are created in a set of three clips – one worn of the body and the others on the pant leg on each side of the body.

If it sounds a bit weird, Metus thinks so, too, but it works.

Although patients of his have been using them for a couple of years, Metus was hoping introducing the devices to a broader market might spur some investors. So, he bought space at the recent Professional Golf Association Merchandise Show in Florida, the largest show in the world, covering more than one million square feet. Metus began giving demonstrations showing how the devices would optimize muscle and joint function during a golf swing.

How it works, Metus explained, is not unlike what a chiropractor does when adjusting a patient. The force, the crack, stimulates the mechanical receptors in the joint.

“That’s all it does, and the brain goes, ‘Oh, my receptors are working,’” said Metus. “These devices stimulate exactly the same way without the crack, so a lot of my patients just get sets of these and do the treatments themselves.”

Metus was grouped with more than 20 new inventors who brought their products to the show. Metus walked away with the Pinnacle Award for best new product.

His booth also attracted the attention of training staff with the NBA’s Miami Heat. They visited his booth twice, the second time bringing 12-year veteran Otis Birdsong with them.

“I told them, ‘With this, I can find exactly where your brain is not connected to your body, whether it be a joint, a muscle or a ligament. I can tell with the devices where you have injured your body in the past,’” said Metus. “Birdsong said he couldn’t lift his arm up ... after years in professional basketball. I did all the tests on him, I corrected the fault and had him lift his arm again, tested it for strength and he shouted. He was excited.”

When the NBA guys asked Metus if he could train their staff, he said it would take a couple of days and that they could treat and reset all of their players before they go on the court.

The term “subtle energy correction” is something people might hear a lot about as word of the devices travels through the sports world.

There have been other devices, but none seemed to cover what Metus was looking for.

“When I first discovered it in another type of device that was being sold through MLM, I discovered the properties of it when I started working with my patients,” said Metus. “I found physicists that knew how to make proper devices, and I spoke to them and went to their labs and demonstrated and they were blown away. They had never seen it work on a body like that.”

It’s a marriage of quantum physics and health care.

“The premise is something called quantum entanglement, something that impacts everything in the world. It’s just that we have found a way to infuse it in strips,” said Metus. “It’s really weird, but it’s the whole property of physics that works on your body.” 

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