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Leave religion out of it: LETTER


Lorrie Goldstein in the Toronto Sun wrote a column headlined ‘Call it what it is, Islamic terrorism’.

Papers in the United Kingdom, France, the United States and Canada are all calling the attack on in Manchester an act of Islamic terrorism.

My stance is often different from others; I usually base my opinion on reading and historical facts, not an emotional response to a situation. For that I take my fair share of criticism and I admit, I am often wrong.

I might quote John Diefenbaker: “I may be wrong but never on the side of wrong.”

As to Goldstein’s assertion that so many mimic, people are going to yell at me again. However, I want to point out during the troubles in Ireland the IRA were never refereed to as Catholic terrorists, nor the KKK Christian terrorists, the Fenians Catholic terrorists, The Orange Lodge protestant terrorists, FLQ Catholic terrorists, etc.

We called the Nazis German, not Christian, terrorists - so why are we labelling the terrorist who cowardly murdered those people in Manchester Islamic or Muslim?

I would ask the question: do we have friends who are Jewish, Presbyterian, Catholic, Hindu, Muslim, etc.? The answer is, of course, how would you know? You cannot tell a person’s faith by looking at them and you don’t ask. They are simply friends who might happen to be Jewish, Presbyterian, Catholic, Hindu, Muslim, etc. and we don’t care.

The terrorist who blew himself up was from Libya. I won’t use his name, he should be forgotten. So we can call him a Libyan terrorist. His religion had nothing to do with terrorism any more than the Christian religion promoted the KKK or Catholicism promoted the IRA.

He was not a religious fanatic and he cannot claim Islam sanctions such actions. So let’s not give him or anyone the dignity of religion when their motive is hate, and their cause their own.

There is a song from South Pacific ... ‘you’ve got to be taught to hate and fear ... to hate all the people your relatives hate ... you’ve got to be carefully taught.’

Let’s not promote hatred against a religion. If we do, the terrorists are winning.

We can be vigilant and Middle Eastern people can expect to be checked more carefully and even targeted to keep us all safe.

But they are Canadian and their Charter rights and freedoms are guaranteed.

Let’s all be Canadian, embrace our wonderful diversity regardless of colour race or creed, and call a terrorist what they are, a terrorist with no religion involved.

Frank Madigan

Wasaga Beach 

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