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Cyclists take note

One of my favourite trails in this wonderful area is the Arboretum, off of First Street in Collingwood.  

It is such a pleasure to take advantage of the newly renovated wooden boardwalk that winds its way through the forest, affording one relief from the hot sun and some lovely breezes and views across the water.

Unfortunately, the signs stating quite clearly that bikes are not allowed on that part of the trail and would cyclists please dismount.

There are two such signs, although there were three earlier in the spring. They are frequently ignored by cyclists coming off the part of the trail that leads to the boardwalk. Many people abide by this rule, but too many do not. It can be a treacherous walk sometimes with cyclists quietly zipping by you, sometimes calling out or dinging a bell as a warning they are coming. That’s nice, but they aren’t suppose to be on their bikes! 

This could be a terrible tragedy if these cyclists someone. I have experienced a close call more than once.

Maybe these signs should be larger with flashing red lights?

Nancy Kostoff



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