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REFLECTIONS: Superheroes rise again

By Kent Walton, Special to The Enterprise-Bulletin

My apologies! We were away on holidays for a couple of weeks and returned to the realization that I immediately had a date with Wonder Woman, Ironman and Spiderman in Buffalo.

So much for newspaper deadlines.

Last year at this time I made you aware of a special charity organization: The Comic Corps of Canada, which is a 100% volunteer-supported organization that focuses on delivering comics, and smiles, to children and youth in hospital. Look them up on Facebook. My son is a member of this group and along with his cohorts spends many hours as visiting volunteers to local hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses.

They are often invited to participate beyond the local scene which includes an annual visit to Buffalo for Superhero Night. Here the Blue Jay Triple A farm club Buffalo Bisons raise awareness for children's charities by sponsoring superheroes from the Buffalo area as well as guest heroes including our Canadian Comic Corp.

I know it sounds weird watching grown adults personifying Ironman or Spiderman but when you see the looks on the faces of the children who are meeting their heroes, you realize why the performers are there.

The Buffalo Bisons use this evening to raise funds for local Buffalo children's charities and the Canadian contingent is happy to assist in these endeavours.

My son (Ironman), once in costume, relies on me and his children to keep him watered and fed during his stint meeting the children of Buffalo. It's strange how Ironman and his cohorts can save the planet from the villains of the world but can't get a drink of water without assistance. Where's Aquaman when you need him?

Along with Ironman, the Canadian crew included Spiderman, Wonder Woman and Supergirl.

They spent hours meeting and greeting youngsters before and during the ball game. I am amazed how the eyes of the children glisten as they met their heroes in the flesh. I was even more taken by the number of adults that insisted they be included in the photos with their children. Somehow I think they used the children as a reason to have their photos taken with Wonder Woman. Jeepers, Batman!

As for me, I was the shepherd for this crew. I was hydrating Ironman, telling Spiderman to stop climbing the gates while keeping an eye on my youngest grandkids and controlling the line-ups who were anticipating their time with Wonder Woman and Super Girl.

Once the ballgame began, there were more than 15,000 screaming fans wanting to see the powers of good defeat Lex Luthor and his cronies on the ball field. The youngsters were treated with visual teasers on the Jumbotron between innings as they anticipated the grand live finale after the game ended.

Would the evil doers win this year or would the superheroes continue to save us?

In a well-produced presentation following the game, Lex Luthor and his cohorts were defeated once again. Wham! POW! Over and out!

After the magnificent fireworks display we all wound down and headed for our hotel rooms. It had been a long but productive day for everyone participating. From Groot to Wonder Woman, from the Joker to Batman, they were discovering that they were all quite human after all as the exhaustion set into their systems.

Thank you to WNY Superhero corps for inviting us along and to the generosity of the Buffalo Bisons for taking such good care of us.

Holy cliché, the Canadian Comic Corps shall return once again to save the day.

Your travelling columnist will return upon his recovery from his holidays but can be contacted at ebreflections@rogers.com.

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