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Solidarity lives at the heart of Remembrance Day

By JT McVeigh, The Enterprise-Bulletin

COLLINGWOOD – Hundreds braved the cold temperatures to gather around the cenotaph in Collingwood as millions did across Canada to remember those Canadians who died fighting for peace.

Bundled up in warm coats and blankets the crowds watched as veterans and active duty members from CFB Borden lead by the Beinn Gorm Highlanders Pipe and Drum band paraded towards the cenotaph.

Rev. Dr. Brian Goodings, Padre for Branch 63 of the Royal Canadian Legion told the crowd that the struggle for peace is not an exclusive exercise.

“Solidarity lives at the heart of our Remembrance Day, none of us can do much in life by ourselves, narcissism and the self-serving cult of the individual is the greatest enemy of our time,” said Goodings. “The splitting of the atom is perhaps less destructive than the splitting of the individual from the wider community. The time is our history where we stood together against all that threatened to negate life.”

Goodings recited the quotation of Lutheran pastor Martin Niemöller, ‘First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Socialist.’ a warning about political apathy.

Niemoller was arrested in 1937 for speaking out against Hitler in Germany, although at one time but challenged Hitler’s insistence off the supremacy of the state over religion. By the 1950’s had become a pacifist. He worked with a number of international groups, including the World Council of Churches, for international peace.

“The torch we hold is the love and desire to preserve and remember how important it is to hold this tenuous peace and from the sabre rattling going on right now, we must no that our work for peace can never end,” said Goodings

Its not only time from remembering from yesteryear, it is about living and remembering that a tomorrow for which they fought and died. This really is our holy calling less we ever forget.

Following the service, large numbers of people removed their poppies from their coats and laid them on the cenotaph, some standing back a taking a moment for themselves.



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