Kent Walton, Special to The Enterprise-Bulletin

Kent Walton is a retired educator who attempts to see the lighter side of life. A family upbringing that encouraged the love of laughter left him with a somewhat peculiar sense of humour. Daily happenings tend to be seen from a different point of view when Kent is musing about his life. Kent’s reflections reveal that drollness while looking at everyday people and occurrences. The current generation of Waltons have inherited this same unique wit and are often embarrassed that they sometimes sound “just like Dad!”


REFLECTIONS: Superheroes rise again

My apologies! We were away on holidays for a couple of weeks and returned to the realization that I immediately had a date with Wonder Woman, Ironman and Spiderman in Buffalo.

New car complications

We were sitting around chatting with some neighbours when the topic of new cars came up. A few had purchased new vehicles over the past year. The cars were different manufacturers but what they had in common was the myriad of gadgets now included in vehicles.

Reflecting in Aruba

Greetings from your absentee columnist! I am on a special assignment.


Little black cloud

I’m not sure how many remember Li’l Abner from the newspaper comic strips. In the world of comics there was a character known a Joe Btfsplk. No, I don’t know how to say his name but I always recognized his presence. Joe had a constant black rain cloud hanging over his head and no matter how hard he tried, he was a jinx to all he encountered or atte

An energetic Father’s Day

I am exhausted! We had the youngest grandchildren up for the weekend. I realize more and more that we are no longer set up for the high energy levels of 10 and under. We have six grandchildren in total but only the youngest three were up with their mom and dad on this last visit. Fun yes, invigorating yes. Tiring, absolutely!


Good times ahead

I know the weather and the temperatures have been erratic but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. There are good times ahead.

People dance along to the Martels at Jazzmania in Thornbury. JOE ARSENAULT/SPECIAL TO THE ENTERPRISE-BULLETIN

Musical memories

Recently Judy and I attended Jazzmania out in Thornbury. We haven’t been for a couple of years but one of our favourite rock groups was playing and a friend had arranged for tickets. Prior to the concert we stopped off at The Mill Cafe for supper to celebrate Judy’s birthday.

Where's spring?

After writing my column two weeks ago lauding the arrival of spring, I realized how fickle Mother Nature can be this time of year. One day we are out in the sunshine wearing a light sweater, trimming the roses and cleaning up the flower beds, the next who knows? One day the buds on the trees are about to burst while the early flowers are blooming s

Kent and the local wildlife

Here’s an update for those following my encounters with local wildlife. In the past, you were told that my greatest problem has been with the deer who, over the last four winters, have completely demolished my evergreens, not to mention my wife‘s car.


Missing Easter traditions

It’s unsettling how over the years family traditions change, as do the traditions of life. Do you remember the expectations of Easter when you were young?


Spring has sprung!

When we were kids and the snow started to disappear, nature created great rivers of snowy runoff in our school yard. We would all sing the old ditty, “Spring has sprung, the grass is ris’, I wonder where the birdies is!”

File Photo

A symphony of explosions

This time last year, Judy and I were exploring Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai while everyone at home was suffering an ongoing snowy winter.

(File photo)

Driver rant: part two

I began this column last week after a couple of incidents that ticked me off. It reignited an old rant about some of the drivers we endure. Half way through writing the piece, last week’s Enterprise-Bulletin arrived and I realized that our editor Paul Brian was having words of his own about the driving habits of area motorists.


The non-column

People often ask, “Where do you get your ideas for your columns?” Usually it’s simple! I just take note of something I experienced or witnessed, embellish the thought and voila, a column. However, every once in a while I simply can’t come up with an idea.

The gifts that count the most

Over the years I have told so many umpteen anecdotes about Christmas with the Waltons that you must think you are part of the clan.

Trying to be handy

If you know me at all, you are aware that I am not a very handy person. I was born without any mechanical sense or an ability to assemble the unassembled! I have no natural talent for construction. The most complicated manual labour I can do, without assistance, is to remove the lid from a pickle jar.