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Effective Wealth Management Requires A Strategy That Considers and Plans For All Aspects Of An Investor’s Financial Needs.

To achieve this, our team adopts a process that we call the Personal Wealth Management Strategy. What makes our process unique is the fact it is a comprehensive approach – a complete system designed to address each element of an investor’s financial life.

It starts with a dream

Using the Personal Wealth Management Strategy, we take each client through a series of steps, beginning with a Dream Journal.

In the Dream Journal stage, we will work with our client to ensure that we understand their personal financial needs and objectives for their family.

This, for example, includes identifying financial security, education, retirement, insurance, estate and tax planning goals.

Through this stage, we get a holistic view of a client’s current financial situation, their dreams and their time horizon.

With this in hand, we then draw up an effective strategy to allow that client to reach their goals.

Our plan will take into account everything from cash flow and insurance planning to portfolio management, tax and estate planning.

In short, our process allows us to establish a detailed road map for each client.

What’s more, it gives our clients a clear overview of what things should look like in the future, based on some realistic assumptions.

Regular reviews keep you on course

We don’t just establish a plan and forget about it.

We believe it is important that plans are reviewed and successes measured at regular intervals to keep our clients on course to achieving their financial dreams.

While other advisors “drop the ball” after signing up a new client, we believe that it is important to maintain regular contact with our clients.

We review financial plans with each client at least annually.

We also maintain contact with our clients through quarterly webinars or conference calls, particularly during times when the markets are volatile.

Through regular contact and guidance, we can avoid unpleasant surprises for clients down the road.

The Personal Wealth Management Strategy is a disciplined approach to managing our clients’ financial needs. By having astructured step-by-step process, we are able to effectively integrate all facets of our clients’ financial life, uncover new opportunities or make changes to an established plan.

We help investors realize their goals and achieve financial success as they define it.


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