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Chris Meyer

By Chris Meyer

Dear The Enterprise Bulletin,
 Hi, my name is Chris, and I just want to share with you a little story about our recent family vacation. On July 14-16 we spent a couple of nights in Wasaga Beach.  That week we had perfect beach weather. And on the way back home to Tavistock, we wanted the check out Collingwood. On the way through we stopped at a couple beautiful beachs and had a great time with our two kids, Devon our 3 1/2 yr on and Raiah, our 18 mo. Daughter.   But before that we had stopped in at a store call Elephant Thoughts.  Our kids had a great time seeing all the animals and unique toys, and I must admit so did my wife and I. What a great store!!!  That night while putting our kids to bed at home, we discovered our sons favorite teddy bear, he named Mr. Doo, was missing. We frantically looked through our partially until packed luggage and realize that we had lost the bear our son had since birth and with no way to replace it.  We put Devon to bed without his "best friend".  He was devastated, crying and asking over and over for Mr. Doo. My wife, Zaneta, quickly combed through our pictures and found the last picture of the two of them together in front of a Ferret cage at Elephant Thoughts in Collingwood.  She asked him if he remembered leaving the bear at the toy store, he immediately remembered forgetting his Bear on a table by the marble tower that he had played with. We grabbed the recipt we had from the store to look up the phone number.  It had been 3hrs since they closed but I call and left a message explaining the situation. I also email everyone that I could find on their website.  In the morning we received a call and email from Janine Fleury Program and Event Manager telling us that the Bear was found and would be sent out that day with a little surprise for Devon.  A few days later Devon got a package in the mail, in it was his Mr. Doo and a letter written by Mr. Doo saying that he missed Devon but a had a lot of fun playing with all the animals and toys at the store. Along with that letter was about 15 pictures of the bear doing everything in the letter including eating an ice cream.  Devon was soooo excited to see his Bear and to hear of Mr. Doo Big Adventure. We as parents were speechless and it gave us such a warm feeling, that some stranger, who had never met our son, went to so much trouble to make our boy the happiest we have ever seen him.  Wow!!! We could never say THANKS YOU enough!!!

PS: I have pictures of Devon opening his package and hugging his Bear for the first time since he lost him as well as all of Mr. Doo ' s Adventure s, but I can't upload them because you do not support the formate..

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